Disco Balls

January 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

After some research, PY went on the nerve-wrecking task of locating a proper proposal ring and band. Among the people he met, some were friendly, some were pushy, some very maternal and straight forward, and some offered sound advice. The wares were dazzling, but there were so many. Undaunted, he bought his beloved (me!) to the friendliest of them all.

Sis, if you reading this, don’t begrudge the man if he proposed without a ring or band. Especially if you are particular about the design and with a budget.

Our first trip to Love & Co, a very friendly lady attended to us. She gave us alot of useful advice on and showed us the pretty blings. Pretty blings which came with four digit prices. We almost made the purchase there, but we were running late for our first salsa, so we made a promise to go back. We did not made it back and soon became occupied with housing instead.

With the housing was settled last week, we went back to Love & Co.. Due to our leaner budget, I wanted a simpler design. No bling this time.

I couldn’t find the ring on Love & Co’s website, so this is a similar ring from another store. The smooth strip on the top and bottom are thinner on our rings. Overall, our rings are slimmer. Under the lights, the facets sparkle. PY thinks they look like bay windows (too many showrooms lately), I think it’s a mini disco ball. Here is another similar ring from another store. Our facets are smaller.

Comes with the ring

  • Paper box with ring pillow, which can be used during solemization
  • Free engraving, limited to 10 English characters.

We are getting them on 22 April :):):)



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