Over the Weekend

September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

The sunny island weather has always been hot and humid, but I think we hit a record high on Saturday.

We reached Cang Ai to discuss the photos at noon. By the time we were finished, we know we won’t survive the kite flying event at the Promontory, so we changed our plan to catch a movie instead. Unfortunately for my poor feet, the trip to both The Cathay and Plaza Sing did not yield any interesting films. But it did put 1 cup of water melon pineapple juice, 1 bowl of oyster mee sua, a mango yoghurt bubble tea and 6 pcs of sushi into our tummies. The glucose in our bodies must have started fermenting because we went back to my house for a quick nap, woke up late in the evening and missed a chance for an eye-opening view.

Well, the point for this post is

  • I have to shape up
  • Don’t wear new shoes on a day where no wheels are available
  • I’m better with short hair
  • Each-a-Cup in Plaza Sing pales in comparison to Ion’s
  • I’m so so glad we had chosen a lunch instead of dinner
  • Thank you dear for putting up with Ms Grouchy

And Next Sunday, it’s my gown selection :). Excited I am. May the force be with me.

Via Motivation Speaker. Found randomly with Google Images.



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