Taiwan Trip List

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So many things to prepare for our Taiwan photoshoot.

Groom’s Attire

  1. Formal wear – supplied by BS
  2. Leather shoes
  3. Sandals
  4. Running shoes
  5. Triathlon medal
  6. Oakley shades
  7. Nerd glasses
  8. Swimwear
  9. Running attire
  10. Seiko watch
  11. White and black socks

Bride’s Attire

  1. Formal wear – supplied by BS
  2. Heels – to buy
  3. Sandals
  4. Running shoes/Casual
  5. Hat
  6. Running attire
  7. Flowy sundress – to buy
  8. Nu-bra – to buy
  9. Nerd glasses – to buy
  10. Swatch watch – a gift from him 🙂
  11. Wedding bands


  1. Placards
  2. Soft toy
  3. Umbrella
  4. Book
  5. Long red thread
  6. Kite

I have shifted

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Organza Flowers

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Fabulous tutorial from Reese Dixon (the picture below too)


ALways ask me this Question

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—– Forwarded message from Li s—– <lis —— > —–
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 09:46:32 +0800
From: Li S <lis  —–>
Reply-To: Li S <lis————>
Subject: RE: Machining of a ————————–
To: ‘lp<lp———>

Hi Poh Yen,

Here’s our catalogue, showcasing the variety of machining which does.
Our machines are capable of meeting the requirements for the prototype.

If there’s any enquiry, feel free to let me know.


Li S


Tel : ———–

Fax: ———–


From: lp]
Sent: 31 October 2007 21:43

Hi, I got a ——— that require to be machine to size with various
pockets & cutout on the tube for my prototype usage.


I’m contactable ——— if got any enquires on the required part. Hope
hear from u.



to you i write

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這滔滔不息的愛 我贈給你用
這一生 和下世 有幾多 全奉送

有著我 便有著你
天老地老也好 絕未離棄


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Time and Rhyme.


A Second Look at the Venue

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To refresh our memory. All photos from Singapore Marriott Facebook.

This is the view of the reception area from the hall entrance. The reception table is on the left.

This is the entrance of the hall. Can you spot me?

Here’s the lengthwise view of the hall. I love the high ceiling and the geometric patterns.

A close up of the stage. This is where we’ll do the cake cutting. Ignore the flower arch though.

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