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March 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Our bridal studio, Cang Ai, will be providing the actual day photographer. I haven’t seen his portfolio yet. So what if I don’t like his style?! Time to start looking around. From a tip in the forum, I started my search in The plan is to look thru the portfolio, then check out the photographer’s review in the forums. I narrowed my search down to rates < $2000.

Criteria :

  • Rates cannot exceed $2000
  • 70% people, 30% objects. SO must be good at capturing emotions
  • Colors. I want vibrancy.

Adrian Oh – Unique Colors

Plus: He captures emotions pretty well, both in big and small groups. Colors are striking. You can feel the fun and joy. Uses different angle so photos are never stale.

Minus: Photos in gallery have a too obvious “Bloom” effect (Bring out the sunglasses!!). Can be expensive.

Bernard Nguang – Gerries Photography

Rates: Starts from $100/hr

Plus: Very affordable.

Minus: Some photos are not what I expected from a professional.

Chris Lim – Chrisppics Photography

Rates: Start from $1450

Plus: His photos are more on contrast amd texture. Thank of old oak and aged wine.

Minus: Not much colors and emotions.

Chuian Feng / Darren Poh – 1950 Photography

Rates: Starts from $1500

Plus: Colors, check. Emotions, check. Humour is a added bonus. Weeee!!

Minus: Cost?

Note: Chuian Feng captures the most goofy, people centric shots. I will go for him.

Tze Yong Tan – Wedding Momments Photography

Rates: Starting $1800

Plus: Good with abstraction. From his blog, appears that he is willing to experiment with photoshop techniques

Minus: Cost? Most “emotion” shots are concentrated on the newly weds. I want to see more on the people around them!

Gene Goh – Photos By Marbles

Rates: Starting $1600

Plus: He captures emotions well, in a quieter, classier take. There are just enough colors to make the photos interesting, but the leads are clearly the contrast and texture. Good vintage feel.

Minus:  Cost?

Andrian – IanPhotography

Rates: $250/hr, min 6 hrs.

Plus: His style is soft lace and romance, with a hint of vintage. It is so different from the vibrant colors I like, yet, here is a timeless quality that never goes out of style.

Minus: From his profile, he is an award-winning director for commercial photoshoot. Erm, so this is a sideline?



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In some of the wedding photos, the couple poses with a mascot or something that is uniquely theirs. That gets me wondering what is unique to PY and LS.

Vernier Calipers! Must go source for a plastic one in bright colors.

Image from

Kite! This is a recently picked up past-time. I’m getting a big, rainbow-colored with long long tail.

Food! The all time favourite. But how to incorporate this into the photos?

Through the Lens

November 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

While looking for wedding photos taken in Bali, we came across Gabriel Mendes‘ blog. What caught our eyes (6 in total) was the way he captured the feelings on the faces.


The bride and groom shares a look.

“Can you believe we managed all these without breaking the bank?”

Here’s a fun one, unconventional in an amusing way. This beats having your little nephews jumping up and down on the bridal bed.

Here is a chance for old friends to get together. “To Arthur!”

A wedding is more than a celebration of joining. It is also about letting go.

Check out his portfolio.

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