Introducing our Solemnizer *Drum Roll*

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

LS (Ms Geek): Do you mind if we get Dr Phua Tan Tee to be our solemnizer?

PY (Runner): Is he your insurance agent? Ok dear, do you want me to write the email?

I’m meeting my insurance agent that evening. He must have thought he’s the one. Oh PY… you are spoiling me.

How should one write an email to invite a JP to be part of a wedding?

After a few awkward starts, I settled for a tone between writing to a boss and beloved uncle. Hey, it’s not easy to be respectful AND personable. Too respectful, you’ll end up too formal.  Too chummy, well, you got 2 remember this is not ur pri 6 bestie. I’m proud to say not one smiley appeared in my email 😛

When my JP replied with his consent, I was over the moon!

And here he is, Dr Phua Tan Tee.

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Justice of Peace – A Preview

March 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s a good time to look around for JP.

Chia Ti Yu

Pros: He can conduct solemnization in both Chinese and English. Gives a 2 – 10 mins briefing on marriage before the solemnization. Good reviews.

Cons: License expires on Dec 2010.


Dr Phua Tan Tee

Pros: He conducts in Chinese, English and Hokien. From the reviews, his command of Chinese is better than English. Friendly. Whole process takes 20 – 30 mins.

Cons: Might be long-winded.

References: Pic1, Pic2, SingaporeBrides

I will add more JPs as I go..

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