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Our bridal studio, Cang Ai, will be providing the actual day photographer. I haven’t seen his portfolio yet. So what if I don’t like his style?! Time to start looking around. From a tip in the forum, I started my search in The plan is to look thru the portfolio, then check out the photographer’s review in the forums. I narrowed my search down to rates < $2000.

Criteria :

  • Rates cannot exceed $2000
  • 70% people, 30% objects. SO must be good at capturing emotions
  • Colors. I want vibrancy.

Adrian Oh – Unique Colors

Plus: He captures emotions pretty well, both in big and small groups. Colors are striking. You can feel the fun and joy. Uses different angle so photos are never stale.

Minus: Photos in gallery have a too obvious “Bloom” effect (Bring out the sunglasses!!). Can be expensive.

Bernard Nguang – Gerries Photography

Rates: Starts from $100/hr

Plus: Very affordable.

Minus: Some photos are not what I expected from a professional.

Chris Lim – Chrisppics Photography

Rates: Start from $1450

Plus: His photos are more on contrast amd texture. Thank of old oak and aged wine.

Minus: Not much colors and emotions.

Chuian Feng / Darren Poh – 1950 Photography

Rates: Starts from $1500

Plus: Colors, check. Emotions, check. Humour is a added bonus. Weeee!!

Minus: Cost?

Note: Chuian Feng captures the most goofy, people centric shots. I will go for him.

Tze Yong Tan – Wedding Momments Photography

Rates: Starting $1800

Plus: Good with abstraction. From his blog, appears that he is willing to experiment with photoshop techniques

Minus: Cost? Most “emotion” shots are concentrated on the newly weds. I want to see more on the people around them!

Gene Goh – Photos By Marbles

Rates: Starting $1600

Plus: He captures emotions well, in a quieter, classier take. There are just enough colors to make the photos interesting, but the leads are clearly the contrast and texture. Good vintage feel.

Minus:  Cost?

Andrian – IanPhotography

Rates: $250/hr, min 6 hrs.

Plus: His style is soft lace and romance, with a hint of vintage. It is so different from the vibrant colors I like, yet, here is a timeless quality that never goes out of style.

Minus: From his profile, he is an award-winning director for commercial photoshoot. Erm, so this is a sideline?


Wedding Video

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It’s crude and 100% fun 🙂

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